About Us

Hi, I’m Lexi, a multi certified dog trainer and owner of Obedient K-9! I have a strong passion for pets and show that passion in my everyday work. Not only do I believe in bond creating pet training, and proper pet care. But I also believe in gearing pet parents up for success when there’s an emergency. Which is why I am also a certified pet CPR and First Aid instructor with PetTech. I believe in bettering myself for my clients, that way you know you have a well-rounded pet professional giving you the tools you need to work with your dog. I am always reading books, listening to podcasts, attending new training classes/seminars, earning new certifications, and keeping up with other trainers in the field to make sure I stay up to date! 

Here at Obedient K-9 we offer many wonderful training programs to help you and your pup communicate. We offer day training, board and trains, and private lessons. We also offer certified Pet CPR and First AID classes with PetTech. Pet boarding is also available! 

I know one size doesn’t fit all with training. I work with you and your pup to find the training method that works best for you! I believe in balanced training, we focus on positive reinforcement and building a solid bond with your dog first and foremost. We move forward appropriately following LIMA guidelines. Training starts with trust. We want our dogs to want to work with us and be happy to work with us. 

We believe everyone has the right to good training, as it is an important part of your pet’s overall care, which is why we are budget friendly. So, you can afford the great training you need, without breaking the bank! 

We feel it’s important that you know your trainer and agree with their methods. This is why we offer a free 30-minute consultation to new clients. This way you can get a feel for your new trainer, and you can talk over training options.