Lure Coursing

Sometimes we teach our dogs that we don’t like it when they run, chase and bite at things…but what if we could offer them an opportunity to release that natural instinct safely?  That’s one of the great things about lure coursing – it allows your dog to do something they like to do naturally!  The lure consists of some type of plastic bag , that is attached to a spindle.  A staff member operates lure course spindle to move the article, or “lure” around the course.  The course is designed in a square or rectangle, and can include several changes in direction.  The idea is to simulate prey, such as a rabbit, running away while the dog chases.


Obedient K-9’s lure coursing equipment is available for private use with staff assistance. This ensures that the equipment is maintained in a safe manner, and that any mechanical issues are dealt with quickly and safely. Let us help your dog learn to run, chase and bite appropriately.  We can also bring out Trainer owned dogs to help “show the way” to dogs learning the lure.   

Group Rental

If you’d like to have a group party using the equipment, or include the Lure during your party event, we can prepare the course prior to your arrival.  The cost of group rental reflects staff assistance.

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