Are you wanting to sign up for training, but want to talk to the trainer? Do you want to see what package would work best for you and your pet? We offer a free 30 minute consultation to all new clients! In this session, I will talk to you personally, and evaluate your dog’s needs. Helping you pick a package that works best for you!

Going on vacation or need a break from your wild puppy? We offer a two week to a month program allowing your dog to stay in our facility! They will get one on one training time with our trainer, Monday-Friday for a few hours each day. Wanna add daycare to your pups stay? We offer that too! Do they not play well with others but love to play? We can offer individual play as well! Your dog will love their stay with us! You will be updated with custom report cards each day your pup is in training. Keeping you updated on how your pup is doing in our program! This package allows for two private lessons with our trainer so you can learn how to use your dogs new skills! 

Are you not going on vacation and can’t stand to think about not spending every day with your dog? But you don’t want them to be alone at home all day while you’re at work? Well you’re in luck! We offer day training at Obedient K-9 as well! Your dog can also have a half day playing at our doggie daycare, when they are not working with our trainer! Making your dog tired when they get home so you both can unwind on the couch. This program like the board and train program, offers training Monday-Friday. Drop off Monday through Thursdays at 8 a.m. and pick up is at 6 p.m., Friday pick up is at 5  p.m.. Our day training also offers daily report cards for our clients to allow you to know the highlights of your dog’s day! This package can come with day care, individual play, or just training, you choose! This package allows for two private lessons with our trainer so you can learn how to use your dogs new skills!

Did your pet forget their training? Or do you need a tune up on your pups skills? We offer refresher days for clients who have been through our day training, or board and train courses. Your dog can spend the day working with our trainer and playing at daycare! We will also offer a 30 minute lesson for the parents to take home. Does your pet need more than one day? We can offer a package for up to a week!

All levels and prep classes available for private lessons. 

All levels and prep classes available for in home private lessons.  (gas fees may apply. .50 cents per miles after 20 miles  or after 30 minutes from home location)

Group Classes are available for all levels and prep courses!

Build the skills your dog will need to pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. Dogs that pass the CGC test are considered reliable family and community members and will receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club. Students and dogs interested in advancing their training, without the goal of taking the Canine Good Citizen test, are also welcome to attend. Highlights from the class include:

  • Sitting politely for greeting by another person
  • Proper reaction to distraction
  • Proper reaction to another dog
  • Walking on a loose leash through a crowd
  • Staying in place in both a sit and down position
  • Quit supervised separation

You do not need to pay for the Canine Good Citizen Prep Class to take this test! It is suggested but not required!

Taking the Canine Good Citizen course is required for this test!

Must have a CGC prior to testing for this title! Taking the Canine Good Citizen course is required for this title!

 The dog performs 10 skills from the Novice list. (see link to “Application” below for lists of skills). If a dog has a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate or title on record at AKC, it can do 5 Novice tricks (CGC + 5) to earn the Novice title.

The dog must have the Novice title, plus perform 10 Intermediate tricks.

The dog must have the Intermediate title, plus perform 5 tricks from the Advanced list. Trick Dog Performer (TKP) $20 I​n this title, handlers perform a short routine with at least 10 tricks previously learned.

C.L.A.S.S., or Canine Life and Social Skills, is an educational program to promote training focused on the use of positive reinforcement and to strengthen relationships between humans and their canine companions. C.L.A.S.S. is a three-level evaluation for dog owners to demonstrate the real-life skills of their dogs, as well as a knowledge assessment of the owners’ understanding of basic dog handling and care. The three levels of the program are named after human university degree programs: the B.A. for Dogs™ (Bachelor’s level), the M.A. for Dogs™ (Master’s level), and the Ph.D. for Dogs™ (Doctorate level). The skills in each level vary in the level of difficulty and distractions. You MUST pre-register for this class here before you sign up to take it with me. You must provide me with your Student I.D. 

My Dog Has C.L.A.S.S. Prep $300 (ten sessions) In this course we go over everything you will need to learn, to work you and your dog up to getting a Doctorate! It is suggested that you have some basic obedience before you sign up for this course, as it will make it easier for you and your dog to completely finish this program.

 B.A. Level $20 Must have passed Level 3 or take the My Dog Has C.L.A.S.S. class prior to signing up for this test! 

M.A. Level $25 Must have a B.A. to take this test! 

PH.D. Level $30 Must have a M.A. to take this test!


Puppy Kindergarten is the first step in training your new puppy. Open to dogs 18 weeks old and younger, this class will introduce your puppy to new people and new situations. We also can help with common roadblocks, such as house training, crate training, puppy biting or mouthing, name recognition, and more. Add the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Test for $10

Level 1 teaches your dog how fun it can be to follow commands and lays the groundwork for skills that are key in developing a well-mannered canine companion. You may be surprised at how readily your dog will learn new things — it’s all about consistency! Basic skills taught in Level 1 training include:

  • Sit (verbal and hand signals)
  • Down (verbal and hand signals)
  • Place
  • Holding Sit, Down, and Place
  • Coming when called
  • Intro to loose-leash walking

You’ll continue developing the skills you learned in Level 1 and begin introducing training exercises that are more challenging and useful in the real world. In Level 2, we’ll work on:

  • Eyes on Me
  • Leave It
  • Touch
  • Loose-Leash walking
  • Automatic Sit when stopping
  • Wait at Door (Me first)
  • Prerequisites

    Dogs must complete Level 1 training before advancing to Level 2.

Now that you’ve established a solid foundation, the skills your dog learned in previous classes will really start to shine in Level 3! At this level, we’ll start reinforcing reliability and working on more complex behaviors. Upon graduating Level 3, you will also be able to enroll in specialty classes. This class works on:

  • Holding Commands with distractions
  • Coming with distractions
  • Touch Tricks
  • Heeling


Dogs must complete Level 2 training before advancing to Level 3.

As you begin Level 4 training, you should feel excited about all you and your dog have accomplished together. It’s time to show off! During Level 4 training, you and your dog will work on polishing the skills learned in prior classes, and start practicing more challenging tasks, such as:

  • Holding Commands in high traffic areas
  • Proper Etiquette when meeting new people and animals
  • Off Leash Coming
  • Off Leash Heeling


Dogs must complete Level 3 training before advancing to Level 4.

Fun class to work on your dogs confidence and strengthen your bond. No prior classes are needed for this course but it is suggested you dog has basic obedience. You can pick six from the following list, or pick your own! Your dogs health, age, personality, and ability to do some of these tricks may vary.

  • Shake
  • Spin
  • Fetch
  • Roll Over
  • Sit Pretty
  • Kiss
  • Jump in Arms
  • Over
  • Crawl
  • Bow