ObedientK-9 main program is the Resident In Home Board and Train  I can help you reach your goals especially in cases of dog on dog aggression, dog on human aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety, fear, storm phobias, anxiety and extreme nervous behavior, leash aggression / reactivity & leash pulling, jumping, bolting, destructive behavior and many more issues.

If you are embarrassed by your dog jumping on people and inappropriate things, out of control barking, rushing the door if someone knocks or rings the doorbell I can help you. Does your dog whine, pace or pant constantly to no end? Does he or she jump on furniture or your bed without permission? When you socialize your dog with other dogs, does he or she play properly or is play rough and dominant?  I work to fix those issues for you.  I also teach your pup not to counter surf, steal food, chew and destroy your property.

Does your dog guard food, water, space, property or even you or other people / children in your home or in public?  This is truly a serious issue that must be addressed very carefully.  One of the biggest problems with living with your dog may be housebreaking, submissive & excitable urination or deliberate marking with urine on you or your property.  If your dog breaks out of the kennel, cannot settle down when in confinement, goes bezerk when left alone or develops serious issues when in tight spaces I can help you. I can also address barking problems, running away, not listening, growling, snapping, biting, door dodging and more!

I specialize in off leash dog obedience and modifying problematic behavior.  My obedience training includes SIT, DOWN, (STAY is implied on both), going to a PLACE, HEEL on and off the leash, COME when called, moving INSIDE and OUTSIDE through doors, KENNEL to enter the crate, LOAD into your vehicle, QUIET on command, LOOK SHARP (going to the bathroom on command) staying OFF inappropriate things, LEAVE IT to move away from areas / things and BREAK to have fun and just be a dog.

My Resident Board and Train program socializes your dog with other dogs, social settings including inside stores and restaurants, parks, plazas and around schools where hundreds of children walk, run ride bikes and make noise every day and in other peoples homes. While your pup is training with me you will see progress pictures and videos pushed to your smartphone.

Ultimately the success or failure of any training program comes down to a few key areas.

1.  The character, skill and ability of the trainer.

2.  The approach and method of training.

3.  Consistency and problem solving.

4.  Quality of instruction you receive and follow up support

It is my responsibility to prove to you I can help you with YOUR dog and YOUR situation.

There is no one size fits all approach to dog training.  No method is truly better than another.  All have advantages and disadvantages and the key element is determining the proper approach to get you and your dog to the finish line.

Every dog, owner, situation, issue and problem is different.  The correct solution may be a combination of food training, marker training, leash and training collar, pressure / release or remote collar training to work through, rehabilitate, train and teach new skills & abilities.  I promise to use the approach that works for you and your dog.  Normally it is a combination of approaches that yields the best outcome.  I do my best to balance the advantages of each style to help your dog learn how to behave in order to have the freedom and fun that both of you want.  I will gladly explain and demonstrate what I do and how I do it to you and your family in detail so you can make an informed decision based on fact, performance & behavior, not emotion, opinion or attitude.

The most important element is to have trust and confidence in your trainer.  If you aren’t sure, if something doesn’t seem quite right or if the trainer does not seem like a good fit for you and lifestyle than you must move on and find someone else.  The skills and ability don’t matter if you don’t like the person you are hiring to teach you, train your dog and work in and around your home and family.  If the trust and confidence isn’t there you will second guess advice, search out information and practice techniques viewed on the internet or TV and you and your dog will suffer.  My promise to you is that I will be honest and dedicated to you and your dog.  So when we meet, you will have the opportunity to determine for yourself if I am the right trainer for you before any commitments are made.  I want you to be happy and know you have my best effort and I have your best interests as my top priority with your K9.